The Root of All Evil

From a Facebook post I put out there in December 2014:

I think I’ve discovered the real root of all evil. 

This idea came to me as I was talking with myself in the shower with a mocking attitude towards that far too commonly spread idea that money is the root of all evil. I do some of my best thinking in the shower. Don’t you? Well, this internal conversation got me wondering if there might be “a” [single] root of “all” “evil.” 

Future versions of me may have different responses as I’m always willing to challenge my thoughts and beliefs, but if you ask me today what I believe to be the root of all evil, I might suggest that it’s confusion.

Yes, I believe confusion may very well be the root of all evil. 

You might think it’s lack of love. Maybe you think it’s fear or maybe that it’s not knowing God. 

But what is it that brings us to a place of not having love [for self and others]? What is it that brings us to a place of feeling fearful? What is it that brings us to a place of not knowing God? I suggest it’s confusion. If we don’t know, we can become confused. 

Let me attempt to explain. 

If you believe you can harm another without harming yourself… You’re confused. 

If you believe in order for one to win, another must lose… You’re confused. 

If you believe happiness is achieved through acquisition of material things… You’re confused. 

If you believe in lack and scarcity, in any area or subject… You’re confused. 

If you believe each of us are not, in Truth, equally connected as one with All-That-Is… You’re confused. 

If you believe you must do something in order to achieve worthiness… You’re confused. 

If you believe you were born a dirty little unworthy “sinner” and therefore are not worthy of too much success/happiness… You’re confused. 

If you believe you’ve done something “bad” and because of that thing you did/didn’t do you’re no longer worthy of love, happiness, success, and the desires of your heart, or at least not too much of it… You’re confused.

Confused beliefs such as these can lead us to feel we’re not worthy of Love, to experience feelings of fear/worry/doubt/angst and/or to see our neighbor as separate from ourself. 

Holding these confused beliefs could possibly lead us to take actions that might well be described as evil. 

I’ve heard it said that you shall know the Truth and your knowing shall set you free. 

Free from such confusion, and the results of such confusion? 


Please comment/like/share. Let me know you were here. Let me know what you think. 

Thanks for reading. 


P.S. It originally came to me with the word confusion, a friend suggested I change confused to unconscious. I played with it, liked it and considered changing it to unaware. If unaware or unconscious resonate better with you, try reading it again replacing confused accordingly. 

Other words/labels you could use that may work better for you might be to say it’s insanity, brainwashing, negative memes or simply incorrect beliefs that is the root of it all. 

All just different lyrics to the same song. Make it yours. Sing your song. 

The Root Of All Evil

Reading it for the Short Dogg Blogg almost 8 years later.

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