I’ve Missed You. Problem set 1

A random check in. I’ve missed talking with y’all.


Note: I’d mentioned an old post “Zero Point” but that was a “mouth typo” (I coulda said I misspoke but that wasn’t as fun as mouth typo) – That post was actually titled Zero Chance and you can see that one here.

The homework I’d submitted:

This is a difficult assignment. I feel like I’ve been in alignment with this thought process for well more than a year so trying to come up with an experience where I’d operated on the left side of that slide is difficult. 

I feel like I live on the right side of the slide. But I also want to roll my eyes at myself as I type that. Telling myself “think harder, you know there’s something” but I’m coming up short. 

Okay. At the risk of touching a sensitive topic, and I apologize if this is inappropriate but this is what’s coming up. I’m intending no offense here, just trying to do my homewo… my problem set. 

“Judging” my neighbor for trying to make their neighbor (generic term for fellow human) to do with their body as they saw fit, said another way: try to force me live in accordance with your estimations and conclusions. 

I’d “decided” and felt “certain” that is a “wrong” way to be in the world. 

I “judge” that stance as self-righteous, egregious and inappropriate.


Huh. Maybe I still live on the left side more than I initially thought.

At the same time, even in the midst of all that, I also understood how fear blinds us and how my poor neighbors were wrapped up in an energy of fear and sincerely wanted to feel like they were doing what was best for their neighbor(s). . . 

So, yes, I “judged” the self-righteous mindset one must have to actually think it’s appropriate for “you” to tell “me” what I “must” do with with my body… I also kept my mouth shut about it, it was none of my business, until or unless you got too egregious and “in my lane” about it. I’ll drive my car, you drive yours, and we’re both well-served to understand there’s consequences for not staying in our own lane. 

I “evaluated” the situation for what it was, sought my own “clarity” on the subject and “decided” what was the best “choice” for me was, that’s “what worked” for me.


Boy I did not expect to touch that when I started typing just now but it’s Friday, my problem set’s due… I just got started in the program this Tuesday morning and I feel like I can’t fall behind from the gate.

That’s my #problemset1 

Namaste y’all 

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