Shifting Into New Age

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Awareness is key. 

Acknowledgement can sometimes be difficult and uncomfortable. 

You can do hard things. 

If you’re in a toxic relationship, amongst the first things you must do is acknowledge the situation – if you are to have a chance of liberation from the situation. Our societies, the citizens of this beautiful 🌎 world, are in a toxic relationship with the so-called leaders. 

This is truly an amazing time to be here. 

Challenging times are amongst us, yes. This has been true many generations. 

We are the generations who get to witness, and be part of, the shift into a whole new world…

A world more beautiful than many of us can even imagine. 

Growing pains are uncomfortable, not permanent. 

Growth is empowering. 

Darkness dissipates to Light.

Shine the Light of your awareness in every dark shadow you might feel compelled to shy away from. 

Do not shy away.

You can do hard things. 

It’s but your fears you’re shying away from.

Face them and they disappear, returning to the nothingness from which they came. 

Be brave. 

Face it. 

Face it all. 

Declare: “Show me who I have become, show me what I am to see” and really mean it. 

This truly is the dawning of a New Age. 

There IS a Great Awakening taking place RIGHT NOW. 

Every video on this playlist has been included with reason and purpose. 

I invite and encourage you to give each one your full attention and willingness. 

Take heart. 

There is Light here and it’s even brighter just ahead. 




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